Working with Ellen

If you are committed to making a change in your image & style then I would love to work with you. I can help you to build a personal image which is both authentic & shows you at your greatest potential. This will change the way you look, feel & shop forever. The relatively small investment of time & money is far outweighed by a life time of enjoying the positive results. On average people wear 15% of their wardrobe 85% of the time. I work with my clients to create a wardrobe that works more effectively and efficiently. Getting dressed is something we all do every day. Making that process as simple and enjoyable as possible just makes sense. What you wear affects you psychologically. It can profoundly alter your mood and how you are perceived by those around you. It also influences how others respond to you. Wether we like it or not, there is a huge amount of evidence to show that those who dress well are more likely to attract success, good service and popularity. The right cut and fabric can dramatically change the appearance of your body and your self-image. A good figure is more a matter of visual proportion and balance than of height and weight. Understanding how to dress to flatter your individual characteristics can be life-changing.

Who I work with

I work with my clients to produce a look that is right for them. As a designer I am not limited to just one style. A successful personal image is totally unique to that individual. I will work with you to methodically create the look that is authentically you. I currently have clients of both sexes ranging in age from 13 to 64 years. I have regular clients who I have worked with many times and come back each season for a wardrobe update.  Other clients just come for a specific piece of advice. Each client is important to me and I recognise that the services I offer need to reflect their individual needs. I love the variety.

Where I work

 I generally work out of my Northampton based studio, but will consider travelling to other locations on a case by case basis. My clients are all individuals and my focus is always to ensure that my clients experience is tailor made to suit their objectives. I currently cover the areas of Bedford, Cambridge, Market Harborough, Milton Keynes, Northampton, Peterborough, Stamford, and Wellingborough.

Take a look at my FOR WOMEN, FOR MEN & FOR GROUPS pages for information about the image consultancy services I offer.

Do you ever say any of the following?

” I have nothing to wear yet my wardrobe is full of clothes”

” I always wear the same things and feel that I’m stuck in a rut”

” My clothes are tired, worn out, out of style and out of date”

” I have an important job interview and I want it to be successful”

“My daughter is getting married and I want to look my best on her special day”

“I struggle to put outfits together and need some ideas & guidance”

“ I feel worn out and drab. I need help to refresh & rejuvenate the way I am feeling about myself”

” I want the professional opinion of someone who I can trust to give good advice”

” I am thinking of dating again and want to make a good first impression”

” I need a confidence boost right now”

” I really don’t enjoy shopping and feel over whelmed by all the choices available”

” I just can’t find the time – there are always other priorities”


If the answer is yes, then I can help you.

To book your consultation now call me on 07801 337586 or email me


Most of my clients have a good sense of what suits them but they don’t have a clear understanding of why. I provide the clarity. When you really understand how to emphasise & celebrate your best attributes it saves such a lot of time choosing outfits and helps to avoid expensive shopping mistakes. It is estimated that on average we waste about £15,000 over the course of an average lifetime on regret clothing purchases. The question isn’t so much wether you can afford to us the service of an Image Consultant but rather wether you can afford not to.

Services Include

  • Wearing the right colours means you look fresh and vibrant. To begin with we will have a brief chat to establish your goals and objectives in line with your personality and lifestyle needs.Then we will analyse your natural colouring and your best colour combinations for both clothing and accessories will be demonstrated. Advice will also be given about colours to avoid. You get a personal colour swatch book and colour report to take home with you as an aide memoire.

    £100 allow 2 hours
    £150 with makeup allow 3 hours

  • The most instant way to see the refreshing effect of wearing your best colours is with makeup. For ladies I recommend this as part of the colour consultation where we select a pallet of makeup in your best colours and according to your desired look. I can advise on makeup techniques and effects to suit you, your face shape and individual physical characteristics. Makeup is applied.

    You will get a record of the cosmetics used and a technique guide to take home with you. There is an option to purchase any of the makeup used during your consultation.

    £50 allow 1 hour

  • Wearing clothes that suit your shape, scale & proportions boosts self confidence and makes sure you look your best. In this consultation we first establish your goals and objectives in line with your personality and lifestyle needs. Then we analyse your body shape, scale & proportions. Some measurements are taken. Advice regarding cut, fit and finish for both clothing and accessories will be given. This can include hairstyles and glasses. Where possible these will also be demonstrated using samples and images.

    You get a personal body line & style report to take home with you as an aide memoire.

    PLEASE NOTE – you remain fully clothed throughout. I need to be able to see your silhouette, so may ask you to gather any loose clothing and may ask you to remove footwear.

    £150 allow 2 – 3 hours

  • Everything in one day – includes everything from the Colour Analysis & Bodyline & Style consultations.

    £250 allow 5 hours
    £300 with makeup allow 6 hours

  • I can help you to sort and organise your wardrobe content to create a great working wardrobe that is right for you. We will sort through your wardrobe, keeping somethings and either boxing and storing, or discarding others. We will organise your wardrobe so that outfit combinations are easy to locate, identify new outfit combinations and create a shopping list of items needed to fill any gaps in your wardrobe capsule.

    I will bring a hanging rail, bin liners, stickers & pens.

    half day £250, full day £400

    Please note that you may need to bring your wardrobe contents to my studio. I can only offer Wardrobe Assessment & Personal Shopping services to clients who have already seen me for a colour & body line & style analysis.

  • If you hate shopping, just don’t have the time or need some professional help. I provide an efficient and successful shopping experience no matter what your objectives. This service is tailor made to meet your requirements.

    I will usually arrive ahead of you to do a pre shop so that our time together is an efficient as possible. This will allow me to reserve some items for you in advance. As part of your personal shopping consultation I create a personal Pinterest board for you and pin a few suggestions to this board in advance of our meeting.

    half day £250, full day £400

    I can only offer Wardrobe Assessment & Personal Shopping services to clients who have already seen me for a colour & body line & style analysis.


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