Where it all started …

In 2014 a friend asked me “do you think your daughter wants her mum to be happy or unhappy”? This question made me realise that life was too short not to do what I love. A decade as my daughters full-time carer came to an end, as I made the decision to spend my life doing what I enjoy.

To start again aged 46 is quite daunting. My life and my confidence had been devastated. I had spent 10 years caring for my beloved daughter as she suffers a  rare life-limiting, degenerative, brain condition. Slowly I picked myself up and built my business.

My inspiration

My story returned to me – the textile designer, the retail manager, the design manager. I remembered the good times, the successes.

I remembered career highlights like; being treated to a V.I.P. shopping trip by Neil Barrett Barber (then Head of Menswear at Prada – his thanks to me for a job well done), being taken to the Munich Beer Fest by Karl Heinz Mader and his team at Etienne Aigner (for completing a successful mens tie collection).

I remembered the complicated technical challenges of a Vivienne Westwood brief, which I finally won and the 17th Century dandy coat made the Vive La Cocotte catwalk collection that year.

Building a business

One year later, I became the first UK based Image Consultant in over 5 years to secure the coveted Masters qualification with The Federation of Image Professionals International. As well as running my own Image Consultancy business, I began securing work as a trainer and mentor to other Image Consultants.

I have the honour of getting to know my clients and helping them in turn to know themselves better; valuing what they have and perfecting their own style. Building my own business has been a life-changing experience for me and working with my clients can be a life-changing experience for them too. Together we’ve faced challenges, built dreams and celebrated style.

Oh and yes; my daughter has a happy mum.

We congratulate you on your amazing success, your expertise and your perfect exam results
Geraldine Wijsbeek FFIPI MFFS, President FIPI