Corporate presence

Corporate presence

It is quite easy to spot those who have invested in their corporate presence – Nicola Sturgeon is the first name I think of. Simply by looking at Nicola it is clear to me that she has invested time and money in her professional image. The visual impact of Nicola’s outfits is saying to us ‘this woman is thoughtful, polished, and successful’. Demonstrating these traits in your visual image suggests that you can be trusted to be equally thoughtful, polished and successful in your business dealings.

What visual image are you creating at work? How do you want to be perceived? What messages do you want your business wardrobe to communicate? When I work with my clients to help develop their corporate presence these questions are some of the first things to consider. Both your own personality and your business identity need to be taken into consideration and fused to create the perfect look for you.

“People who dress like the boss are more likely to be appointed and get promoted quicker” Huffington Post.

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Ellen Bletsoe I like to provide a space in which my clients can define and celebrate their own style. Qualified Personal Stylist and Master of The Federation of Image Professionals International.

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