Did you know…?

Did you know…?

Did you know it’s easy to trick the human eye

………and I use this fact every day as part of my image tool kit!

Creating the visual illusion is simple – the clever bit is knowing what you want the eye to see. I’m not talking about photo editing BTW. I’m talking about making your legs appear slimmer, or longer, or more shapely. I’m talking about giving the impression that you have a more oval face shape, more widely set eyes, a longer neck ……………you get the picture. With a cleverly selected outfit it is possible to achieve all sorts of visual illusions.

Here are just a few……..

. Wearing all one colour blurs the dividing lines and makes the body look slimmer

. The human eye takes longer to travel across patterned fabrics, this makes the body appear larger.

. Diagonal lines on the body in form of clothing detail or fabric create a slimmer illusion

. Vertical lines on clothing create a longer illusion, but curves or bumps interrupting the lines create the opposite effect.

.  A wide shoulder line creates a visual illusion that offsets wide hips.

Most of us do not have that perfectly balanced body structure. We are individuals with bits that really work well for us and other bits that don’t work so well. With a really good understanding of your own individual figure characteristics it is possible to draw attention to your best bits, add balance to your proportions and minimise those areas you are not so keen on.

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