Services Include

  • We will identify a pallet of colours that make you look fresh and define your natural features.

    Then we will identify the cut, fit and fabric choices for clothing that will suit your shape, scale and proportions.

    Advice on accessories, glasses and hairstyles is also included.

    £300 allow 4 hours

  • If you hate shopping, just don’t have the time or need some professional help. I provide an efficient and successful shopping experience no matter what your objectives. This service is tailor made to meet your requirements.

    I will usually arrive ahead of you to do a pre shop so that our time together is an efficient as possible. This will allow me to reserve some items for you in advance.

    half day £250, full day £400

  • Colour and style advice plus the shopping – all packed into the same day.

    The morning will be spent identifying your Colour & Style Toolkit and then we will travel to nearby shops for an afternoon of personal shopping.

    full day £400

  • Enjoy my “always on my mind” service and receive regular purchase suggestions either by email or text message.

    Also includes two seasonal update appointments per year, free entry to any of my studio events and a 10% discount on any additional purchases.

    £25 per month

  • Looking for a special gift?

    Gift vouchers can be purchased by calling me on 07801 33 586 or email info@ellenbletsoe.com

Look, feel and shop better

Your own image is something that you carry with you where ever you go, and whatever you are doing.

If you want to relax in the knowledge that you look your best then invest in your personal image.

You will save time and money as shopping and outfit planning will be simple and effective.

Those around you will notice and want to be a part of it.

Smart, positive and refreshing

When I began working as an Image Consultant in 2014, my own wardrobe was the first to receive an ‘Ellen’ make-over. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done.

Now, I just want everyone else to enjoy the same benefits. I feel, look and shop better and I’m sure that I can help you to do the same.

You are important to me whether you are looking to become one of my regular clients or you just want a single specific piece of advice.

Is this you?

” I have nothing to wear yet my wardrobe is full of clothes”

” I always wear the same things and feel that I’m stuck in a rut”

” My clothes are tired, worn out, out of style and out of date”

” I have an important job interview and I want to make the right impression”

“I struggle to put outfits together and need some ideas & guidance”

” I want the professional opinion of someone who I can trust to give good advice”

” I really don’t enjoy shopping and feel over whelmed by all the choices available”

” I just can’t find the time – there are always other priorities”


If the answer is yes, then I can help you.

To book your consultation now call me on 07801 337586 or email me info@ellenbletsoe.com

For Your Information ...

we waste £15,000 over an average lifetime on regret clothing purchases

people stand further away from others who wear dated or unfashionable clothing

the right clothes can make a person less anxious

people think they are physically stronger when wearing a Superman t-shirt