I am back at my desk having enjoyed a very jolly Christmas break and find that it is time to look ahead. What will this new year bring? Is 2017 the year that you decide to use the services of an image consultant?

Well here are a couple of facts quoted by Huffington Post that may just help you to decide:

9 out of 10 women own at least 1 item of clothing they have never worn

(this is also true of only one third of men)

on average we wear 15% of our clothing 85% of the time

It is estimated that on average we waste about £15,000 over the course of an average lifetime on regret clothing purchases.  The question isn’t so much wether you can afford to use the services of an Image Consultant but rather wether you can afford not to.

Will you choose to this New Year?

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Ellen Bletsoe I like to provide a space in which my clients can define and celebrate their own style. Qualified Personal Stylist and Master of The Federation of Image Professionals International.

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