There are so many definitive guides out there and most concentrate on telling you exactly what combination of sandals, shoes and boots you need. While it’s quite a good way to pass the time, looking at this gorgeous shoes on equally gorgeous legs. There is a problem with this one size fits all approach.

It’s your life, your wardrobe, your preferences, your legs. The amount of variables from person to person is huge and genuinely good advice will take this into account..

In an effort not to shirk the massive question of “how many many of shoes do you really need?”, I have created my guide. My approach is less definitive, more general. I put forward a few principles which apply well whoever you are, whatever your lifestyle, preferences, legs etc.


Over nine out of ten women (92 per cent!) confess to owning at least two pairs of shoes that they have not worn for a year or more.

79 per cent of those questioned admit they had one or more brand new pair of shoes in the closet that they had never worn.

The most popular colour for “unworn” shoes is red, closely followed by pink.

Women are only wearing a quarter of the shoes they’re purchasing.

Ladies own about 20 pairs of shoes on average, yet they only put 5 of them into their regular rotation.

Main reasons given for regret footwear purchases:

1. Too uncomfortable (too tight on feet/too high heels) (64%)

2. Hard to match with an outfit (55%)

3. Scared to damage/were very expensive (41%)

4. Were given as a gift and don’t like them (37%)

5. Didn’t like them as much when I got them home (21%)

Results quoted from British study by Voucher Codes Pro


The shoes may look sexy on the shelf, but there really is no point buying anything that is too excruciatingly painful to wear. Think of the 64% of regret footwear purchases that are down to this mistake. Choose quality over quantity every time. Remember it’s not how much you pay for the shoes, it’s how much they cost you for each time you wear them. It’s better to have fewer carefully chosen, good quality shoes. You will get your value out of these shoes because you will enjoy wearing them time and time again.

Only buy styles you love. It is possible to find beautiful footwear to cover every need, so don’t accept anything less. As a general guide, a dozen different pairs should cover most scenarios. If, like me, you enjoy shoes and you have the space, a few more pairs will only be a good thing!

Your footwear collection needs to cover you for three different basic requirements.Your should have some pairs for adding interest and fun (accent), some for comfort, and others to meet your lifestyle needs.

Shoes that make you smile and you feel fabulous wearing them, fall into the accent category. I’m talking about your favourite party shoes, summer sandals or knock out boots. Keep up to date with what’s in fashion and make sure that you have a few pairs which reflect current styles and colours.


Colours – think of ice cream (pistachio, raspberry, lemon, mint) and bright primary colours.

Styling – choose denim and look for footwear with metallic thread embroidery or other sorts of embellishments.

Shoe buying is easy, but wearing shoes is hard. Your feet need something to keep them cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Be kind and have footwear ready for those days when you are on your feet all day long and/or you walk long distances in. Flats are everywhere this season, so now is a great time to buy with comfort in mind.

Trainers, ballet pumps, flat court shoes and boots are all good comfort options. Think about those times when your feet are crying out for comfort and make sure your footwear choices meet those needs.

The last thing to think about is your lifestyle needs. A pair of black court shoes is a great basic for most office based environments and handy for funerals. Nude ballerina pumps or court shoes is another very versatile staple. Of course, lifestyle needs vary. If you are a farmer you’re going to need some good waterproof boots.


A very general and not intended to be specific guide (just pointers really) of how to build your footwear collection:

1. good quality flip-flop

2. heeled metallic party sandals

3. flat summer sandal

4. heeled accent sandal

5. ankle or knee-length accent boot

6. ankle or knee-length neutral boot

7. waterproof winter boot

8. heeled court shoe neutral

9. heeled court shoe accent,

10. flat court shoe comfort leather loafer

11 &12. sports or comfort trainers

I hope this was helpful x

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Ellen Bletsoe I like to provide a space in which my clients can define and celebrate their own style. Qualified Personal Stylist and Master of The Federation of Image Professionals International.
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