Just as we are all reaching for those extra layers to keep us warm, I have decided to focus on hats & scarfs. Why is it that some people look glamorous and gorgeous in hats, but for others trying to find a hat that suits can be a very frustrating experience? This is equally true for scarfs.

This month I am sharing a few ideas which will help you to find your perfect hat and scarf combo.


If you don’t want to be endlessly trying on, taking off and starting again – it’s important to give a bit of thought to what you will be wearing with your hat.

The style of your outfit will dictate the type of hat that will be most flattering.

Simple, uncluttered outfits work well with larger hats while  more flamboyant outfits need smaller, neater hats

Hat brims should never be wider than the shoulders and must be balanced by the crown.

The shape & design of the hat should echo your face shape.

Choose your colour carefully – think about the visual illusion you are creating.

Either the hair or the hat should form a frame around the face, but not both.


Scarfs are a great way to add a bit of fun and personality to your outfit as well as being handy for keeping just that little bit warmer.

Longer necks can sport more voluminous scarfs while shorter necks should avoid bulkier styles.

Longer, slimmer styles are visually slimming – the opposite also applies.

Tie your scarf in a shape which reflects your face shape for the most flattering effect.

Thick about the scale of any pattern design – in most cases this should reflect your body scale.

Scarfs can be used to tone down or soften colours that are too strong – the opposite also applies.

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Ellen Bletsoe I like to provide a space in which my clients can define and celebrate their own style. Qualified Personal Stylist and Master of The Federation of Image Professionals International.

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