Beauty – what is real?

Beauty – what is real?

Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all?

The dictionary definition of beauty is “the quality present in a person that gives intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind”. As I see it beauty is attraction. The people you are most attracted to are the ones you find most beautiful. How beautiful you are depends on how attractive you are.

So what makes a person attractive. The examples of beauty portrayed in the media and in fashion magazines suggest a particular formula. For women this generally means being 5’8” tall, size 8, perfectly proportioned and totally blemish free due to some very clever photo editing. I know this is total rubbish.

We all know truly attractive and beautiful people in many different shapes and sizes. Variety is in itself very beautiful and pleasing to our human minds. So what is the key? Does a formula exist. I believe that it does and my criteria for true beauty is this:

1. celebrate our differences
2. value what is unique about you
3. focus on the things you like about yourself and emphasise these things
4. accept those things you can not change

People who have really embraced these values have a radiant confidence which is deeply attractive and gives pleasure both to themselves and people around them. These people are truly beautiful.

I vote Helen Mirren over Kim Kardashian any day.

My other beauty role models include:

Dion Johnson
Alison Lapper
Share Harnaam Kaur

  1. Zoe Phillips

    Morning Ellen,
    Kate popped in yesterday and said that you had visited Stamford recently, shame you didn’t make it up to the top end of town, I am just around the corner from M&S and O2 . She said you found Chameleon though.

    I hope all is well and your business is growing. Things have started hotting up for Christmas with us.
    Anyway pop in next time you are in Stamford it would be lovely to have another chat.
    Take care

    1. Ellen Bletsoe

      Hello Zoe

      Thank you for making contact. I will definitely call in to see you and be sure to stay in touch.

      It was lovely to catch up with Kay on Saturday – our daughters were at school together.

      Very best regards,



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