Party season

Party season

I have the first of the Christmas parties lined up this week and so the time has come to decide on those special Christmas outfits. At precisely the same time we are being bombarded with enticing Black Friday promotions. There’s no doubt that bagging a bargain is very satisfying BUT the satisfaction will be very short lived if your purchase is made too hastily and without proper consideration. Sparkle and sequines are all the rage this season and if there is every a time for glitz it is at Christmas time. At the risk of sounding baah humbug, just don’t get too carried away.

Does the style suit you? Does it fit within your colour pallet? Is this item currently missing in your wardrobe (or have you already got 5 others exactly the same!). Also think cost per wear and not cost of item. Will this item become a long term item in your wardrobe or is it a seasonal interest item that will only be worn a couple of times?

If you are feeling the pressure to hunter gather hoards of Christmas bargain pieces – step back, give yourself break. Allow just long enough time to finish off a hot glass of mulled wine and if, as you get to the last drop, you are still convinced that this purchase is a good one – then go for it.

I wish you all a truly happy & fabulous Christmas season.


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