I was personal shopping in Milton Keynes with a client this week. We found some beautiful shirts for him at Hawes & Curtis and at House of Fraser we found a couple of stunning Peter Werth jackets and a smart Hugo Boss t-shirt. It was my first shopping trip with this particular client and he chose not to set a budget for his purchases. We worked on the basis that, any item of clothing that was right would be bought. I am pleased to report that my client was pleasantly surprised by the number of items we found for him during our 2 hours together. As the items were being packed I was reminded once again of this truth “ quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten”

As no budget was set my client had not mentally prepared himself for the spend.  For the briefest of moments he was surprised, but thankfully continued happily with the purchases. When you are buying clothes that are right, the price paid is soon forgotten. Every item we chose that day is of a good quality and so will retain their good looks for years to come. The fit, cut and fabrics chosen were all appropriate for my client and so will be comfortable and satisfying for him to wear. Real value for money is about cost per wear – i.e. £200 paid and then worn 100 times means £2 per wear, £50 paid and worn 10 times means £5 per wear. It is far more important to buy the right item than to get overly concerned about price.  The right items will work hard for you and deliver years of enjoyment.



garment construction/signs of good quality:

inside seam allowance should be at least 1.5cm
seams should be finished with zigzag stitch or other clean finish
seam line should not pull or wrinkle but should lie flat
top (exterior) stitching should be even and straight, with no loose threads
hemlines must hang evenly and straight
buttons should be bone, shell, leather, covered, or good quality if plastic
collars, lapels, pockets and buttonholes should be straight and lie flat
stripes, prints & plaids should be matched at all seams
look at care labels for fabric content & care instructions
a good quality shirt will have a ‘gauntlet’ button to close the gap above the cuff
a good tie will hang straight when held by the narrow end and allowed to fall

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Ellen Bletsoe I like to provide a space in which my clients can define and celebrate their own style. Qualified Personal Stylist and Master of The Federation of Image Professionals International.

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